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Smile n Talk is a fantastic site enabling children to safely communicate in over 30 languages in a controlled, moderated environment.


Opening communication and making new friends can stimulate confidence , boost self esteem and help children to have fun while learning. Log in and go to Find friends, select someone you would like to make friends with, take a look at their profile , see where they live on the google map , you may even like to send them a gift or postcard, then simply invite them to be your friend . You can put what time you are next online and hope they join you.


Sitting in a group and not speaking the same language is very de motivating ...not now...simply set the computer so you can talk to your friend in their language and bring them into the conversation .


When you join as a group you have the option to twin . Add which country and language you would like to twin with and you will get an email when your match arrives. This promotes international status and builds relationships with groups in other countries. Perhaps you could eventually find them on the Internet and send them a message or invitation . Please note you do not need to twin with just schools abroad , it is also fun to twin with groups and schools in your own area or types of international groups that will understand you.


For some people the world is a tough place , its not as easy to make friends as you think. You may be too young for other social networks that your brothers and sisters use. Perhaps you just find it easier to have a few close friends or perhaps you find it hard using a keyboard or spelling . Not now... you will make lots of friends on Smile n Talk and you only need to use the click of a mouse or touch of a screen.


Any groups can have fun joining Smileytalk . Schools, guides, scouts, international, religious groups etc can all connect with each other around the world in total safety .


Smile n Talk is the safest community on the Internet for children. We do not ask for any information from our members, you cannot write any messages freestyle to our members. We have very little advertising and we work with a large team of teachers, advisors and safety experts .


We have 30 languages that you can play with and test your skill against the computer. Go to the meeting room, select a member online but if there is nobody online simply choose a language , click on the icon and you can start talking to the computer. Select a subject, click on a sentence , send and await a reply , then a question will appear for you to answer. Did you know you can go to the bottom of the page in the meeting room and select a language to talk from . You can set the group from and to any language or even the same. In a group this can be fun and you can test each other on all languages.


Scrapbooking online is great fun, enjoy filling up your scrapbook and go to foreign members to see what they have added . You can play games to find out about national coins, flag, costume and see what your foreign friends enjoy and perhaps what they do not..school dinners Ha Ha !


Google Map games can be fun . Ask your friends questions about which countries border others . Try and see where your new friends live and show off to your parents what you have found out.

  • No keyboard required so very easy to use.
  • Good for people with Dislexia as all sentences are pre set.
  • Develop IT skills and enjoy the fun of learning
  • Builds confidence and self esteem

Every day we change the smile of the day, we are always changing jokes and wacky facts . Having fun while learning is key and there are lots more fun things coming.....


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